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E-Commerce Product Photo Editing Services for Perfect Product Photos

We provide e-commerce ready images that you can upload right away for any
e-commerce platform worldwide.

Product Photo Editing Services for eCommerce Industry

Benefit from enterprise-level, cost-effective, and top-rated product photo editing services tailored for platforms like Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Shopify, and more. Contact our professional photo editors today.

Enhance the appeal of your e-commerce products. Our eCommerce product photo editing services ensure that your products look attractive, authentic, and of high quality. Utilize professionally edited product images to leave a lasting impression on your visitors and reinforce your brand story even after they’ve left your site.

Image editing is crucial for eCommerce. Poorly edited product photos can lose you potential customers. Quality images are essential for success online.

Here’s why:
Increased Traffic:
Well-edited images attract more visitors to your site.
Lasting Impression: Good photos leave a memorable impact.
Professionalism: High-quality images show you take your business seriously.
Audience Engagement: Engaging photos capture more attention.
Brand Representation: Quality images represent your brand and boost clicks.

eCommerce Photo Editing Services at Fix Photo Studio

Get ecommerce photo editing service partner you need. We offer background removal, retouching, rush delivery & much more.

eCommerce Product Editing Service

Our Product Photo Editing services make your products look amazing, encouraging customers to buy.

Benefit from our secure and budget-friendly e-commerce product photo editing solutions delivered on time!

Here’s how we help:

  • Optimized Photos: We make your product photos perfect for your online store.
  • Best Techniques: Using top editing methods, we create eye-catching images.
  • Sales Boost: Our services have helped many clients increase their sales.

Recognized as one of the best in the industry, we have over 500 happy clients and a strong track record of successful projects.

Product Photo Background Removal

A product’s background significantly impacts its overall appeal. Even a well-shot photo can lose its charm due to an imperfect background. We remove unwanted backgrounds and replace them with suitable ones, including white backgrounds for e-commerce shops.

Our Background Removal Services Include:

  • Making white backgrounds for Amazon
  • Transferring objects to solid color backgrounds
  • Creating transparent backgrounds
  • Merging backgrounds upon request
  • Enhancing photos for a professional look
  • Improve the visibility of your product images
  • Flexibility for photographers to shoot anywhere
  • 2000 images edited within 24 hours

Upload your images and try our professional photo editing services for e-commerce.

Ghost Mannequin Effect

Our Ghost Mannequin service is perfect for showcasing apparel products. This technique removes the mannequin from images, revealing hidden parts of t-shirts, shirts, jackets, hoodies, and pants. It gives a hollow, ghost-like effect, enhancing product display without the need for a dummy.

Benefits of Ghost Mannequin Service:

  • Creates a 3D mannequin effect
  • Displays a realistic appearance as if worn by a human
  • Smoothens existing creases
  • Adjusts color combinations
  • Eliminates dirt, spots, and flaws

Services Include:

  • Neck joint, bottom joint, and sleeve joint
  • Enhances product appeal
  • Provides buyers a better idea of how clothes will look when worn

Showcase your apparel with our Ghost Mannequin service for a professional and appealing product display.

Color Correction & Product Photos Editing

Color correction is essential for all product photos, especially for e-commerce and retail. Often, product colors don’t match perfectly with backgrounds or other elements. Our color correction services ensure your product photos look their best.

Our Color Correction Services Include:

  • Tonal and white balance correction
  • Saturation and temperature adjustment
  • Brightness and contrast adjustments
  • Image resizing and noise reduction
  • Photo color changing and color matching

We provide these services for various platforms like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and Etsy, ensuring your photos are perfect for any e-commerce site. Enhance your product images with our professional color correction and editing services.

Product Photo Cleaning and Retouching

Product photos often have dust, dirt, spots, or scratches. These flaws must be removed before use in online stores. Our product photo cleaning service uses Adobe Photoshop to clean these areas and give your product a fresh look.

Our Services Include:

  • Basic photo retouching
  • Color improvement
  • Removing shadows
  • Fixing white balance
  • Eliminating distracting elements

Ensure your product images are clean and appealing to increase sales and attract customers.

Shadow and Reflection Services

We offer professional shadow effects for e-commerce product photos to add realism and depth. Our services include creating natural shadows, drop shadows, and reflection shadows based on the product’s shape, size, and complexity.

Our Shadow Effect Services:

  • Create natural, reflective, or drop shadows
  • Proportional shadow effects to match the product
  • Color adjustment and retouching
  • Eliminate distractions and flaws
  • Adjust background as needed

Enhance your product images with our expert shadow effects, making them more appealing and realistic for your e-commerce store.

3D/360° Packshot Retouching

Our 3D/360° Packshot Retouching service is perfect for e-commerce businesses to display products dynamically. We create 360-degree product photos from at least 6 shots taken from different angles and then retouch them to perfection without damaging packages or labels.

Benefits of 360° Product Photo Editing:

  • Increases product views and engagement
  • Creates rotating, interactive images
  • Enhances product appeal for e-commerce sites and social platforms
  • Suitable for marketing, affiliate, and e-commerce use

Boost your sales with our 3D/360° Packshot Retouching service.

Product Photo Cropping and Resizing

Cropping and resizing a few product photos is easy for professionals. But handling thousands of photos is time-consuming. Instead of spending your valuable time on this, send us your product images. We offer batch photo editing services to crop and resize them quickly and efficiently.

Our Services Include:

  • Printing Images
  • Social Media Cover Images
  • Resize Image Pixels
  • Portrait Photo Resize
  • Product Photo Resize

It’s very important Crop and resize set photo perfectly.

Color Matching Services

Accurate color is crucial in product photography to meet customer expectations and reduce returns. We integrate color and texture matching into your workflow to save time and money, ensuring customer satisfaction. 

Color Changing Services

Our color-changing service lets you create different color versions of your products from a single set of photos. This means one product photo can become multiple images in various colors. We also provide a Color Library to keep track of all your brand colors. 

Color Correction Services

Even with perfect studio lighting, color adjustments are often needed. We can adjust saturation, hue, contrast, and brightness, especially for specialty and reflective products. Use grey cards in your product shoots, and we will handle color cast removal and edit out the grey cards.

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Why Choose Fix Photo Studio for Product Image Editing Services

At Fix Photo Studio, we specialize in high-end image editing services for product photos. In today’s digital world, establishing an online presence is crucial. With more people spending time online, effective online marketing is essential for attracting consumers. When it comes to online marketing, having exceptional product photos is key. Our editors at Fix Photo Studio are dedicated to providing top-notch editing services to our clients. Quality content from us can drive traffic to your business, boost sales, and elevate your brand.

Why Do E-Commerce Businesses Need Photo Editing Services

In today’s market, a significant portion of product purchases is made online. To thrive in the competitive e-commerce landscape, businesses must market their products effectively. High-quality images on your website are essential for success in the e-commerce industry. Well-edited product photos play a crucial role in promoting your brand and attracting potential customers. Photo editing services enable entrepreneurs to showcase their products in the best light, breathing new life into their offerings and helping them stay competitive in the market.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are you looking for?

You will get a 100% refund if you are not satisfied with the delivered images. Rest assured, we focus on quality work and long-term relationship

You can share any amount of images through our Wetransfer we have pro Wetransfer server,  or you can choose any other software like FTP, Dropbox, Google Drive to share image files and folders.

Our usual turnaround time is 24 hours and we are open for rush service if required. We are working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week including holidays. Well, it depends on image quality, quantity, and level of complexity. When we send our price quotes, we will inform you of the required time frame for finishing your task. We are committed to completing our work on time. We receive bulk eCommerce product photo editing orders and can deliver thousands of images each day. 
Yes, we are very much familiar with Real Estate Photo editing and we are doing all types of editing related to it including HDR blending.

We have a secure and hassle free payment system. Payment can be completed via PayPal or using Bank Payment, Western Union, MoneyGram, credit cards. You can pay using any of them. We also accept checks from our US clients and transactions via traditional banking are also available.

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