Jewelry Retouching Services

Welcome to Fix Photo Studio! We treat every piece of jewelry with the maximum care. Our Jewelry Retouching Services Integrate artistry and precision to enhance your jewelry photos.

Jewelry Recoloring: We add vibrant colors to make your jewels pop.
Natural Shadows: We create realistic shadows for depth and allure.
Background Removal: We remove distracting backgrounds to make your jewelry stand out.
Clipping Path Service: We ensure each gem sparkles with unmatched clarity.

Trust Fix Photo Studio to make your jewelry shine with perfection!

Why Choose Fix Photo Studio

For precise, affordable, and fast clipping path services, choose Fix Photo Studio.

Quick Turnaround

Get your images back in as little as six hours, even with thousands of photos to process

Under budget

Edits start at just per image, way less than it would cost to do it in-house

24/7 Support

Your dedicated customer support team is ready to help, whenever you need us

Ensuring Quality

Each edit is performed by a skilled retoucher, ensuring complete quality control

Professional Jewelry Retouching Services

Captivating jewelry photos can instantly grab attention and drive sales. Skilled editing ensures your images do just that. At Fix Photo Studio, we offer various Jewelry Retouching Services to make your jewelry photos look stunning:

  • Jewelry Retouching: We enhance the overall look of your jewelry photos to attract more customers.
  • Jewelry Recoloring: We change the color of your jewelry pieces to match preferences or trends.
  • Natural Shadows: We add realistic shadows to create depth and dimension.
  • Background Removal: We remove distracting backgrounds to highlight the beauty of your jewelry.
  • Creative Edits: Our team applies artistic effects to make your jewelry images stand out.
  • Cleaning Stock Photos: We clean and polish existing jewelry photos for a pristine look.
  • Clipping Paths: We create precise clipping paths for easy background removal or adjustment.
  • Contrast Adjustment: We adjust contrast for optimal brightness and clarity.
  • Shine Enhancement: We enhance the shine and sparkle to make your jewelry appear luxurious.
  • Spot Removal: Invisible spots are caught by macro lenses. We remove them to ensure a flawless look.

Fix Photo Studio has over a decade of experience in jewelry retouching. We make your jewelry look extraordinary and irresistible to potential buyers. With our services, you can effectively showcase your jewelry collection, attract customers, and boost sales on your online platform.

Basic Jewelry Retouching Services at Fix Photo Studio

Enhance your jewelry photos with our basic retouching services. Perfect for e-commerce, product photography, studios, businessmen, and photographers.

Make your jewelry photos shine with our basic retouching services. Ideal for e-commerce, product photography, studios, and professionals, we enhance clarity, color, and detail to make your jewelry stand out.

Boost Sales with Enhanced Product Photos
Premium quality product photos drive sales. Our expert editors can help you achieve this with precise bulk photo editing. Get a quote and enjoy special discounts on our services.

Attract More Buyers
High-quality images make your products more attractive and appealing. Our premium editing services create a positive first impression, drawing more buyers to your products. Try our service now.

Essential for eCommerce
Editing is crucial for impressive product pictures in online retail. Even with professional photography, you need editing to meet eCommerce guidelines. Our services include background removal, shadow creation, resizing, and optimization.

Comply with Amazon Image Guidelines
We ensure your images meet Amazon’s requirements. Get beautiful photos for cosmetics, apparel, jewelry, electronics, and more, and create a stunning webshop to grow your business.

High-End Jewelry Retouching Services at Fix Photo Studio

Quality jewelry retouching service for professional photographers. Generate more sales using our jewelry color correction,

reflection, shadow making service. High-resolution jewelry photos and our Fix Photo Studio photo retouching service.

Elevate your jewelry photos with our high-end retouching services. Ideal for e-commerce, product photography, studios, and professionals, our expert editors ensure your images look polished and naturally stunning.

Our services include:

  • Scratch and Blemish Removal: Professional techniques to remove imperfections, enhancing your product’s appeal.
  • Background Removal: Standard white background included. For black, transparent PNG, or custom backgrounds, please inquire.
  • Lighting Corrections: Adjustments for consistent lighting across all images.
  • Polishing: Enhancing the shine of metals, diamonds, and gemstones.
  • Reflections: Adding shadows, mirror black and white, or mirror colored reflections.
  • Image Clipping: Precise clipping paths for clean cut-outs.
  • Cropping: Consistent framing of items.
  • Cleaning: Removal of spots and blemishes on metals, diamonds, and gemstones.
  • Symmetrical Alignment: Ensuring balanced and centered compositions.

Your satisfaction is our priority. Contact us for revisions or special requests.

Jewelry Retouching Services at Fix Photo Studio

Jewelry Retouching with Shadow Making

Shadow making is essential in jewelry retouching. It creates a natural look that attracts customers. Sometimes, changing the shadow direction is needed to enhance the image.

  • Clipping Path and Background Removal
  • Color Changing (Rose, Yellow, Silver, Pink)
  • Create Outstanding Natural Shadows

High-End Jewelry Retouching Services

Experience top-tier jewelry retouching by our expert team. We address fine spots, holes, discoloration, and more with precision, ensuring your jewelry shines in every aspect.

  • Color Changing (Rose Gold, Yellow Gold, Silver, Pink)
  • Thorough Cleaning of Dust and Scratches
  • Enhancing Stones and Smoothing Metal Surfaces
  • High-End Jewelry Retouching Service

Natural Jewelry Retouching

Natural jewelry retouching cleans dust and scratches without altering the color of the metal or stones. It doesn’t require creating reflections or shadows. Exposure, Brightness, and Contrast Adjustment

Jewelry Removal Background & Reflection

When you take jewelry photos, the studio background might be distracting. Our service removes the background seamlessly and replaces it as you wish. Jewelry has intricate shapes, making background removal time-consuming, but we excel at it. We ensure your jewelry stands out in every image.

Jewelry Photo Retouching with Color Change

Offer your customers a variety of options by showcasing jewelry in different colors. We provide expert color-changing services to enhance product appeal and boost sales.

  • Color Changing (Rose Gold, Yellow Gold, Silver, Pink)
  • Proper Cleaning of Dust and Scratches
  • Enhancing Stones and Smoothing Metal Surfaces.

Diamond Polishing

Enhance your diamond photography with our Jewelry Retouching Services. We’ll polish your diamond images to make them sparkle and shine. Our service enhances diamond reflections, giving them a luxurious and appealing appearance. See the difference in before and after comparisons!

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Why Need Jewelry Retouching?

Choose our jewelry retouching services to make your jewelry images flawless and captivating.

Jewelry retouching is essential for several reasons:

  • Clean Up Images: Remove dirt and spots to make jewelry look pristine.
  • Enhance Brightness: Make the jewelry shine and pop with optimal brightness.
  • Improve Colors: Boost the colors of gemstones, diamonds, and other ornaments.
  • Replace Backgrounds: Expertly remove or change backgrounds to highlight the jewelry.
  • Professional Touch: Ensure every piece looks its best with professional retouching.

Why Choose Us for Jewelry Retouching?

Fix Photo Studio offers reliable jewelry retouching services with top-quality results at competitive prices. Our affordable and transparent pricing ensures great value for your money. Don’t just take our word for it—our satisfied customers’ reviews speak for themselves. Trust us to retouch your photos to perfection every time.

Our Specialties:

  • Quality Work: We deliver exceptional results.
  • Skilled and Experienced Team: Our experts are highly skilled.
  • Dedicated Service: We are committed to excellent service.
  • Customer Satisfaction: We meet and exceed your expectations.
  • Easy to Reach: Contact us effortlessly for your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are you looking for?

You will get a 100% refund if you are not satisfied with the delivered images. Rest assured, we focus on quality work and long-term relationship

You can share any amount of images through our Wetransfer we have pro Wetransfer server,  or you can choose any other software like FTP, Dropbox, Google Drive to share image files and folders.

Our usual turnaround time is 24 hours and we are open for rush service if required. We are working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week including holidays. Well, it depends on image quality, quantity, and level of complexity. When we send our price quotes, we will inform you of the required time frame for finishing your task. We are committed to completing our work on time. We receive bulk eCommerce product photo editing orders and can deliver thousands of images each day. 

Yes, we are very much familiar with jewelry retouching Photo editing and we are doing all types of Jewelry Retouching.

We have a secure and hassle free payment system. Payment can be completed via PayPal or using Bank Payment, Western Union, MoneyGram, credit cards. You can pay using any of them. We also accept checks from our US clients and transactions via traditional banking are also available.

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