Prices for Photo Editing Services

We offer affordable rates and discounts for bulk photo editing and retouching. Our prices are reasonable, and we provide top-quality, reliable services. We value your time and budget!

Clipping Path Services
Starts From $0.25 per image
Simple Clipping $0.30
Medium Clipping $0.50
Complex Clipping $1.00
Super Complex Clipping $2.00
Multi Path or Color Path $3.00
E-Commerce Ready
Starts From $0.30 per image
E-commerce Photo Editing$0.50
Amazon Photo Editing$0.50
Image Resizing & Cropping$0.30
Background Remove$0.30
E-commerce Image Optimization$0.50
Ghost Mannequin
Starts From $0.70 per image
Simple Neck Joint$0.70
Complex Neck Joint$1.50
Photo Adjustment$1.50
Mannequin Remove$1.00
Symmetric Neck Joint$2.00
Jewelry Retouching
Starts From $0.50 per image
Clean up Retouch$2.00
Simple Jewelry Editing$0.50
Medium Jewelry Editing$1.50
Complex Jewelry Editing$3.00
Photo Enhancement$2.00
Photo Retouching
Starts From $1.00 per image
Basic Retouching$1.00
Clone & Dust remove$1.50
Product Photo Retouching$1.50
Model Makeup Adjustment$3.00
Glamour Photo Retouching$3.00
Real Estate Photo
Starts From $0.30 per image
Simple Retouching$0.50
Image Resizing & Cropping$0.30
Photo Adjustment$1.50
Background Remove$0.50
Color Adjustment$1.00
Image Masking Services
Starts From $0.50 per image
Basic Masking$0.50
Medium Masking$0.80
Advanced & Complex Masking$1.50
Layer Masking Masking$2.00
Alpha / Channel Masking$3.00
Color Correction Services
Starts From $0.40 per image
Basic Color Correction$0.40
Color Adjustment$1.00
Complex Color Correction$2.50
Multi-Color Correction$3.50
Advance Color Correction$5.00
Wedding Photo Editing
Starts From $0.50 per image
Designing Custom Album$10.00
White Balance Adjustment$2.00
Custom Black and White Edits$2.50
Skin Tone Fixing$2.00
Makeup Adjustments$5.00

Frequently Asked Questions

What are you looking for?

We offer a low-cost service to satisfy you. Our pricing rate starts from $0.20 for clipping path service that is very competitive and comfortable price.

It is a simple way to make the payment. After getting your price approval, we will send you the Invoice with the payment link and you can make the payment directly via PayPal or using Bank Payment, Western Union, or MoneyGram.

We are here to provide you the highest quality work and we are always open for revision. There will be no additional charge until you add any additional requirement.

You can go on a project-based payment method. You can also go through weekly or monthly basis payments if you have a large project like content management or bulk eCommerce photo editing etc.

But most of the time we will prefer the best monthly invoice system. To clarify this, it is important to communicate about payment issues. We would suggest the easiest payment gateway option for both of us.

Yes. Our discounts are quite generous, too!

If you're looking to send in images in bulk ? by the hundreds or thousands ? feel free to reach out to us. We?ll be more than happy to come up with a custom pricing that we are confident you? ll like.