Our Popular Services

Choose the photo editing services you need to make your images outstanding and perfect.

Clipping Path

At Fix Photo Studio, we specialize in clipping path services for both simple and complex images. Our team is dedicated to delivering exceptional results, ensuring your visuals are elevated with reliable and perfect clipping paths.

Jewelry Retouching

Our jewelry retouching services refine details, adjust colors, and remove imperfections to enhance your photos. This makes your jewelry look its best, attracting buyers and boosting sales. We specialize in hand-drawn clipping paths for top-notch results.

Ghost Mannequin

In e-commerce, especially fashion, shoppers prefer viewing clothes online. Retailers use Ghost Mannequin Services to present clothes naturally without models. Ghost mannequins and neck joint techniques enhance clothing visuals on fashion platforms and e-commerce sites.

Photo Retouching

We enhance your photos by removing imperfections and making them more attractive. Our services include portrait, glamour, and product photography retouching. Trust us to make your photos look their best.



E-Commerce Ready

We adjust lighting, colors, and remove imperfections to enhance your product images for e-commerce. Our services include background removal, shadow creation, and ghost mannequin effects, making your products look professional and appealing. Trust us for hand-drawn quality clipping paths, ensuring top-notch results for your images.

Real Estate Photo 

We provide convenient and professional photo editing services for real estate photographers, agents, and owners. Upload your images, and our expert editors will create magazine-quality marketing materials for your listings. Work with a leading real estate photo editing company to attract more interest, and sell properties quickly.

Professional Clipping Path Services at Fix Photo Studio

At Fix Photo Studio, we offer various Clipping Path Services to enhance your images. Here’s a simple breakdown:

Basic Clipping Paths:
Perfect for simple images with clear edges.

Simple Clipping Paths:
Ideal for slightly more complex images, providing accuracy and speed.

Medium Clipping Paths:
Great for images with detailed parts, ensuring precise selections.

Complex Clipping Paths:
For highly detailed images with intricate shapes, our team ensures precise selections.

Multiple Clipping Paths:
We handle images with multiple parts that need separate selections.

Super Complex Clipping Paths:
For the most detailed projects, ensure every tiny detail is perfect.

No matter your image needs, Fix Photo Studio offers reliable and accurate clipping path services to make your products stand out.

Photo Masking Services at Fix Photo Studio

At Fix Photo Studio, we offer specialized photo masking services tailored to your needs:

Image Masking Service: Get precise object isolation for detailed subjects.

Wedding Photo Masking Service: Enhance wedding photos with refined masking techniques.

Alpha Channel Masking Service: Use alpha channels for accurate transparency control.

Photo Layer Masking Service: Blend layers seamlessly for professional image composition.

Transparent Object Masking Service: Remove backgrounds while keeping object transparency intact.

Refine Edge Masking Service: Refine edges perfectly for natural-looking results.

Clipping Masking Service: Create precise masks to control the visibility of image elements.

Layer Masking Service: Use layer masks for non-destructive editing and creative effects.

Hair or Flesh Masking Service: Achieve detailed masking for complex subjects like hair or skin.

Color Masking Service: Isolate and adjust specific colors in your images.

Photoshop Layer Masking Service: Utilize advanced masking techniques with Photoshop’s layer masks.

Choose our Professional Image Masking Service at Fix Photo Studio for expertly crafted results tailored to your project’s needs.

Professional Shadow & Reflection Making Service

at Fix Photo Studio Make your product images look professional and appealing with our shadow-making services.

We ensure shadows are aligned with the light source, enhancing the overall images.

Realistic Images with Lively Shadows:
Add natural-looking shadows to make your images vivid and lifelike. We avoid making photos look fake or overly edited.

Original Shadow:
Create a natural shadow beneath the product to make your images more attractive.

Drop Shadow:
Add depth to your photos with drop shadows that match the size and shape of the objects.

Reflection Shadow:
Create a mirror-like reflection of objects on a clean, well-lit surface.

Choose Fix Photo Studio for expert shadow-making services that enhance the professionalism and appeal of your product images.

Background Removal Services at Fix Photo Studio

At Fix Photo Studio, we offer various background removal services to suit your needs:

Basic Background Removal Services: Efficiently remove simple backgrounds for a clean and polished look.

Medium Background Removal Services: Remove slightly more complex backgrounds while keeping the focus on your subject.

Complex Background Removal Services: Eliminate intricate backgrounds skillfully, creating a seamless backdrop for your subject.

Super Complex Background Services: Meticulously remove highly detailed backgrounds, ensuring your subject stands out.

Background Removal and Custom Background Service: Remove backgrounds and provide custom options to enhance the overall look of your images.

Clipping Path Background Removal Service: Use precise clipping paths to remove backgrounds, ensuring clean edges and professional results.

Choose our Professional Background Removal Services at Fix Photo Studio for high-quality editing that enhances your images and makes a lasting impression on your audience.

Professional Photo Retouching Services at Fix Photo Studio

Perfect your photos with our expert retouching services. Ideal for e-commerce, product photography, studios, and business professionals. Make your photos shine!

Our team specializes in the following photo retouching services:

  • Wrinkle Removal: Make skin and products look fresh by removing wrinkles and folds.
  • Blemish Removal: Enhance natural beauty by clearing blemishes for a realistic, flawless look.
  • Photo Reshaping: Adjust facial features for a perfect look, ensuring natural results.
  • Teeth Whitening: Brighten smiles with expert teeth whitening for captivating portraits.
  • Red-Eye Removal: Eliminate red-eye effects for clear, natural-looking eyes.
  • Color Correction: Make colors vivid and stunning, perfect for product images.
  • Skin Retouching: Preserve natural skin textures while enhancing appearance.
  • Makeup Enhancement: Improve facial features digitally, enhancing makeup effects.
  • Complete Retouch: Address all photo issues, from dust and scratches to symmetry and watermarks, ensuring images are perfect for online use.

Professional Headshot Retouching and Editing Services

Elevate your headshots with Fix Photo Studio’s expert retouching services for a professional and polished look.

Enhance your headshots to look smart, professional, and ready for success.

Upcoming Actors, Models, and Performing Artists

Purpose: Create a realistic representation while enhancing the portrait. Remove or enhance distracting elements for a professional look.

Business and Corporate Headshots

Goal: Make individuals look reliable, confident, and authoritative. Essential for making a strong impression in a professional setting.

Services Include:

  • Skin Smoothing and Toning: Achieve a polished appearance by addressing blemishes and ensuring a natural tone.
  • Teeth Whitening and Eye Correction: Brighten smiles and eyes for a more confident look.
  • Basic Touch-Ups: Refine eyebrows and other minor details.
  • Blemish and Scar Removal: Eliminate distracting marks for a clear complexion.
  • Background Clean-Up: Ensure a clean and professional backdrop.
  • Brightness and Contrast Adjustment: Enhance overall image quality.
  • Facial Feature Enhancement: Improve facial features for a confident look.

Additional Services:

  • Eye Correction: Remove dark circles, eliminate red-eye, and subtly enhance eye size for a vibrant and expressive look.
  • Braces Removal: Seamlessly remove braces for a flawless smile using advanced color sampling techniques for a natural appearance.
  • Glass Glare Removal: Minimize lens glare and reflections while preserving eye details for a clear, professional image.
  • Headshot Color Correction: Ensure balanced and harmonious colors, refine lighting, and adjust backgrounds to meet corporate photography standards.
  • Remove or Blur Backgrounds: Ensure the headshot remains the focal point by removing distractions, replacing backgrounds, or applying subtle blurs.
  • Overall Facial Enhancement: Subtly refine facial features like lip shape and eye emphasis, maintaining natural beauty and balanced proportions.

Professional Model Photo Editing & Retouching

Product and model image retouching is essential in the beauty and fashion world. Photographers capture models for both private and commercial purposes. Fix Photo Studio offers skilled retouching to enhance natural beauty and create stunning commercial images.

Why Model Retouching is Important

Basic Retouching

Light editing to fix visible flaws, hair removal, Face/body reshaping, Color/tone correction, Wrinkle reduction, Teeth whitening.

Advanced Retouching
Eye enhancement, Skin toning, Adding digital makeup, Wrinkle/spot reduction.

Full Body Retouching
Face/body reshaping, Body slimming, Skin smoothing and toning.

Hair & High-end Makeup Retouching 
Adding/enhancing makeup, Skin smoothing/toning, Special makeup.

Black & White Photography
Color conversion, Background modification, Contrast and brightness adjustment

Fix Photo Studio delivers professional retouching services tailored for e-commerce, product photography, studios, businessmen, and photographers. Enhance your images with us for a polished and professional look.

Professional High End Photo Retouching Service

Best high end retouching freelance services online. Outsource your high end retouching project and get it quickly done and delivered remotely online.

Our dedicated team of expert retouchers analyzes and perfects every detail of your image.

When your images need extra appeal, High-End Photo Retouching is essential. It’s crucial for wedding photos, magazine ads, fashion publications, and more.

This advanced technique ensures natural-looking results without losing details. Our professional retouchers use cutting-edge tools and technology for untraceable enhancements. Although labor-intensive, our competitive pricing ensures top-quality results.

Save time and energy by outsourcing to us for peace of mind. Try our service with a free trial today.

Perfect for weddings, ads, and fashion. Our advanced technique preserves details for natural results.

We specialize in various fashion photography retouching services, including beauty, makeup, hair retouching, color correction, and creative manipulations. For high-resolution photo retouching for web and printing, trust our team of high-end photo retouchers.

Whether you’re an amateur photographer or just starting out, our post-production photography services can enhance your images to resemble captivating covers, aligning with the standards set by established brands in cosmetics and other industries.

We Provide High End Photo Retouching

  • Model Photo Retouching service
  • Glamour Retouching Service
  • Object Removal Service
  • High end body and skin retouching
  • Advanced or high end hair retouching
  • High end jewelry photo retouching

E-commerce Product Photo Editing and Retouching Services

Get e-commerce product photo editing services at the best price and quality work. Our on-demand services include all types of photo retouching.

Enterprise-level, cost-effective & first-rated product photo editing services for Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Shopify, and more from Fix Photo Studio editors.

Image editing is crucial for the e-commerce industry. Ignoring product image editing can result in losing potential clients. High-quality images attract customers and give you a competitive edge online. That’s why image quality matters!

Boost Sales with Enhanced Product Photos
Premium quality product photos drive sales. Our expert editors can help you achieve this with precise bulk photo editing. Get a quote and enjoy special discounts on our services.

Attract More Buyers
High-quality images make your products more attractive and appealing. Our premium editing services create a positive first impression, drawing more buyers to your products. Try our service now.

Necessary for eCommerce
Editing is crucial for impressive product pictures in online retail. Even with professional photography, you need editing to meet eCommerce guidelines. Our services include background removal, shadow creation, resizing, and optimization.

Comply with Amazon Image Guidelines
We ensure your images meet Amazon’s requirements. Get beautiful photos for cosmetics, apparel, jewelry, electronics, and more, and create a stunning webshop to grow your business.

We provide all types of eCommerce product photo Editing for eCommerce Industry

Professional Jewelry Retouching Services

Captivating jewelry photos can instantly grab attention and drive sales. Skilled editing ensures your images do just that. At Fix Photo Studio, we offer various Jewelry Retouching Services to make your jewelry photos look stunning:

  • Jewelry Retouching: We enhance the overall look of your jewelry photos to attract more customers.
  • Jewelry Recoloring: We change the color of your jewelry pieces to match preferences or trends.
  • Natural Shadows: We add realistic shadows to create depth and dimension.
  • Background Removal: We remove distracting backgrounds to highlight the beauty of your jewelry.
  • Creative Edits: Our team applies artistic effects to make your jewelry images stand out.
  • Cleaning Stock Photos: We clean and polish existing jewelry photos for a pristine look.
  • Clipping Paths: We create precise clipping paths for easy background removal or adjustment.
  • Contrast Adjustment: We adjust contrast for optimal brightness and clarity.
  • Shine Enhancement: We enhance the shine and sparkle to make your jewelry appear luxurious.
  • Spot Removal: Invisible spots are caught by macro lenses. We remove them to ensure a flawless look.

Fix Photo Studio has over a decade of experience in jewelry retouching. We make your jewelry look extraordinary and irresistible to potential buyers. With our services, you can effectively showcase your jewelry collection, attract customers, and boost sales on your online platform.

Basic Jewelry Retouching Services at Fix Photo Studio

Enhance your jewelry photos with our basic retouching services. Perfect for e-commerce, product photography, studios, businessmen, and photographers.

Make your jewelry photos shine with our basic retouching services. Ideal for e-commerce, product photography, studios, and professionals, we enhance clarity, color, and detail to make your jewelry stand out.

Boost Sales with Enhanced Product Photos
Premium quality product photos drive sales. Our expert editors can help you achieve this with precise bulk photo editing. Get a quote and enjoy special discounts on our services.

Attract More Buyers
High-quality images make your products more attractive and appealing. Our premium editing services create a positive first impression, drawing more buyers to your products. Try our service now.

Essential for eCommerce
Editing is crucial for impressive product pictures in online retail. Even with professional photography, you need editing to meet eCommerce guidelines. Our services include background removal, shadow creation, resizing, and optimization.

Comply with Amazon Image Guidelines
We ensure your images meet Amazon’s requirements. Get beautiful photos for cosmetics, apparel, jewelry, electronics, and more, and create a stunning webshop to grow your business.

High-End Jewelry Retouching Services at Fix Photo Studio

Quality jewelry retouching service for professional photographers. Generate more sales using our jewelry color correction,

reflection, shadow making service. High-resolution jewelry photos and our Fix Photo Studio photo retouching service.

Elevate your jewelry photos with our high-end retouching services. Ideal for e-commerce, product photography, studios, and professionals, our expert editors ensure your images look polished and naturally stunning.

Our services include:

  • Scratch and Blemish Removal: Professional techniques to remove imperfections, enhancing your product’s appeal.
  • Background Removal: Standard white background included. For black, transparent PNG, or custom backgrounds, please inquire.
  • Lighting Corrections: Adjustments for consistent lighting across all images.
  • Polishing: Enhancing the shine of metals, diamonds, and gemstones.
  • Reflections: Adding shadows, mirror black and white, or mirror colored reflections.
  • Image Clipping: Precise clipping paths for clean cut-outs.
  • Cropping: Consistent framing of items.
  • Cleaning: Removal of spots and blemishes on metals, diamonds, and gemstones.
  • Symmetrical Alignment: Ensuring balanced and centered compositions.

Your satisfaction is our priority. Contact us for revisions or special requests.

Professional Real Estate Photo Editing Service

Enhance your property listings with our expert real estate photo editing services.

Get professional, magazine-quality images that attract more buyers and sell properties faster.

Enhance your real estate photos with our expert editing services. We offer:

Upload Photos Easily Drag and drop your photos from any device to submit a project in seconds.

Expert Editing Each project is handled by a professional editor who will enhance your photos using the latest techniques.

Same-Day Delivery Receive high-quality, edited photos the same day. We handle all formats, including high-resolution print and MLS.

Day to Dusk Editing We can make your photos look like they were taken at any time of day, regardless of the actual time they were taken.

Item Removal Remove distracting items to make your photos more appealing. Just specify what to remove, and get a professional photo in less than a day.

Sky Replacement Replace overcast or overexposed skies with realistic sky and cloud overlays to enhance your photos.

Dust & Garbage Removal We meticulously remove dust and garbage, ensuring every detail is perfect.

Brightness and Contrast Adjustment We adjust brightness and contrast to give your property images a well-balanced look.

Trust us to make your real estate photos stand out and attract more buyers.

Boost Your Real Estate Business with Professional Image Editing

We offer expert photo services to enhance your real estate listings, making properties look their best and attract more buyers.

If you need high-quality images to showcase your properties, Fix Photo Studio can help make your property images look stunning. High-quality images are crucial for attracting potential customers and increasing sales.

Benefits of Image Enhancement:

  • Perfect Images: Transform ordinary listing photos into eye-catching ones instantly, attracting qualified leads.

  • Better Social Media Representation: High-quality images are essential for attracting followers and potential clients on social media.

  • Sell at Top Dollar: Listings with great photos can fetch higher prices.

  • Higher Commissions: Attractive photos lead to qualified leads, higher sale prices, and higher commissions for real estate agents.

  • Quick and Affordable: Real estate retouching services quickly turn raw images into high-quality photos at a fraction of the cost of traditional staging.


Real Estate Photo Editing Services

We use virtual staging to add furniture and equipment, showcasing a room’s versatility and offering a cost-effective alternative to traditional staging.

1. HDR Blending Services We blend images taken at different exposures to create high-quality pictures. Impress your customers with striking images using our advanced blending techniques.

2. Color Cast Removal Our editors remove color casts and correct white balance in property photos, transforming them into high-end pictures.

3. Still Image Enhancement We enhance sharpness, contrast, composition, and depth without losing originality. We also adjust color tones, remove backgrounds, and eliminate unwanted objects.

4. Perspective Correction Using the latest software, we correct perspective distortions to create eye-catching real estate images that stand out.

5. Image Stitching Our team creates flawless panoramic images and VR 360 views by stitching multiple photos together seamlessly.

6. Sky Change Services We replace dull skies with bright, clear ones to make your property photos more attractive to potential buyers.

7. Floor Plan Conversions Convert your floor plans into 2D or 3D views to give customers a better understanding of your property.

8. Virtual Staging Solutions Show potential buyers a future home with our virtual staging services, offering styles from minimalist to shabby chic.

9. Panorama / 360-Degree Photo Editing We offer professional panorama and 360-degree image editing using the latest stitching techniques.

10. Day to Dusk Conversion Convert daytime images to twilight ones by adding moon, stars, clouds, and special effects to create stunning visuals.

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